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Authors & Thanks

Christer Sandin programming, author of the documentation; e-mail.
Additional contributors
Peter WeilbacherPeter has contributed some of the source code of p3d, and also reviews the documentation. Most recently he has ported the cross-dispersion line fitting routine from IDL to C (p3d_cprof.c); the C routine is parallelized using OpenMP.
Fachreddin Tabataba-VakiliFachreddin has ported the multi-profile deconvolution spectrum extraction routine from IDL ( to automatically compiled C (p3d_cmpd.c). He has also made the main work on the inclusion of interactive flux calibration (using a graphical user interface) in p3d. He has moreover written a tool that generates IDL runtime distributions, and he has implemented a new queue system (written in Python) to ease the access of p3d on systems without an IDL license. He has then ported the cosmic-ray cleaning routine to C (p3d_ccr.c). Finally, he has ported routines for the extraction of pixel-based cross-dispersion profiles (p3d_cpixex.c), the combining of images (p3d_cimcom.c), and the dispersion correction (p3d_disco.c) to C. All C routines are parallelized using OpenMP.
Ole StreicherOle has written and also supports the various programs that are used to automatically prepare the web-site documentation of p3d.
Joris GerssenUntil the publication of the A&A paper, Joris was working on the improvement of the treatment of the wavelength calibration in order to make it more intuitive than it used to be.
Christian HerenzChristian is extremely careful with his data-reduction work. He has alerted us on several issues and problems for improvement.
Sebastian KamannSebastian is working through his data-reduction sessions very carefully. While doing this he has spotted several bugs and also come with some suggestions for improvement.
Marijn de BontMarijn has spotted a number of minor bugs, which have all been fixed.
Ana Monreal-Ibero (IAA)Until the publication of the A&A paper, Ana was working on testing the wavelength calibration of p3d for PMAS/LARR against a similar calibration that was carried out with IRAF.
Luzma CairósUntil the publication of the A&A paper, Luzma was working on careful tests of the dispersion-mask creation tool and gave valuable input that helped us to improve it.
Indirect contributions
Jeremy Walsh (ESO)Jeremy Walsh has worked on the correction for differential atmospheric refraction (DAR) since at least 1990 (Walsh & Roy 1990). With his permission parts of the method and functionality of his DAR code has been implemented in p3d; see the routine p3d_darc of release 2.1 and later.
Pieter van Dokkum (Yale) and Josh Bloom (UC Berkeley)Pieter van Dokkum published an algorithm that works well at removing cosmic-ray hits in images (2001), while Josh Bloom provided an IDL version of the original IRAF routine; the original codes can be found here. With their permission the L.A. Cosmic routine has been included in p3d in a GPLv3 version that has been adapted for IFS; see the routine p3d_tool_crays_lacosmic of release 2.1 and later.
Bernd HusemannBernd has convinced me to include his modifications to the L.A. Cosmic routine which makes it work well with IFS data; see the routine p3d_crays_lacosmic of release 2.1 and later.
Contributors to the now historical, but also pioneering, versions of p3d
Thomas BeckerThomas wrote the first version of many parts of p3d for a large number of instruments. The public release version is based upon the earlier variant of p3d that was called p3d_online.
Petra BöhmPetra maintained all previous versions of p3d (including p3d_online, ppak_online, virus_online, p3d, etc.), she also fixed many bugs and wrote various supporting documents.
Martin Matthias RothMartin worked with the software design of early versions of p3d, and was also the PhD advisor to Thomas Becker.
The affiliation of all contributors is, unless otherwise noted:
Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)
An der Sternwarte 16
D-14482 Potsdam
Tel: +49-(0)331-74990

Beginning with release 4.2.1, Christer Sandin has the following affiliation:
Sandin Advanced Visualization (SAV),
Special thanks – to the following people, who have provided us with information, and data, which have helped us to make the most out of p3d:
Josh AdamsThe Mitchell Spectrograph [Virus-P]
Stefano CiroiMPFS
Maximilian FabriciusVirus-W
Thomas FechnerPMAS
Emily FreelandFLAMES/mini-IFUs
Monica RelañoPMAS/LARR data that was used by Ana Monreal-Ibero to evaluate the performance of p3d
Quentin ParkerAAOMEGA/SPIRAL data
Cristina Zurita EspinosaWHT/Integral
The staffof the Calar Alto Observatory, PMAS everything

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