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Data-reduction related links
p3d handles most data-reduction tasks by itself, but you may find it helpful to also use other, complementing, tools. Or maybe you want to compare the outcome of different tools. Here is an incomplete list of related tools that could be of use, and sites that contain valuable information on Integral Field Spectroscopy:
IRAFThis is "The Image Reduction and Analysis Facility".
R3dThe R3d IFS data-reduction package.
E3dThe Euro3D Visualization Tool.
CubehelixThe Cubehelix color table.
ColorBrewerThe Color Brewer color tables.
ESO pipelinesESO provides data-reduction pipelines for both the VIMOS and the FLAMES instruments, as well as for most of the other instruments at the VLT.
FITSThe Astronomical Image and Table format. With the information on this website you can learn everything about the FITS image format.
CASA (viewer)The Common Astronomy Software Applications package, is being developed with the primary goal of supporting the data post-processing needs of the next generation of radio astronomical telescopes such as ALMA and EVLA. Data cubes written by p3d can – starting with release 2.2 – be viewed with the CASA viewer.
SAOImage DS9Astronomical Data Visualization. This tool allows you to study FITS images in detail.
PINGSoftPINGSoft is a set of IDL routines that is designed to visualize and manipulate Integral Field Spectroscopic (IFS) data. Note! That starting with version 2.1.1 (revision 1602) p3d provides fiber position tables that allow the outcome of p3d to be used directly with PINGSoft.
QFitsViewThis tool also allows you to study FITS images in detail.
TOPCATThis is a Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables. With this tool it is easy to check the contents of binary table fits files.
The IFS WikiThis site contains something about most things related to integral field spectroscopy in astronomy.
NASA linksNASA hosts a web page with links to other astronomy and IDL-related sites.
IDL-related links
Auxiliary software In addition to IDL p3d requires auxiliary software to work (unless you use the binary files, those programs are then compiled-in). The p3d distribution contains a tool that downloads the necessary files automatically for you, and puts the extracted files in the p3d/contrib/ directory:
  • The IDL Astronomy User´s Library – link.
  • Craig Markwardt´s fitting program mpfit – link.
WikipediaFind some information about IDL at Wikipedia here.
David Fanninghas written the book "Coyote´s Guide to IDL Programming". His site provides a lot of valuable information if you want to, or need to, know more about programming in IDL.
Ronn Klingsells books about IDL.
Another IDL bookThe book "Practical IDL Programming" can be bought here.
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