The p3d logo. a general data-reduction tool for fiber-fed integral-field spectrographs
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Documentation & Tutorials

The main funcionality and operation of p3d are described in the A&A-paper. The function of each routine, including the interactive interface(s) are described in the header of the respective file.

Online routine descriptions

All the documentation headers of the separate IDL-routines are – for the latest development version on the Suversion trunk – used to create a more visually appealing version, which is presented here. The routines have been sorted into the following eight categories:


The software package contains tutorials for various instruments (see the doc directory in your installed files). The following list contains download links for data files associated to each tutorial:

Earlier on hand descriptions on how to use the different tasks and modes of p3d, with different instruments, are provided at the p3d documentation wiki (please note that this is work in development).

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